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The four agreements this Book is written by Don Miguel Ruiz with Janet Mills .nowadays our life become so stressed,unhappiness, loneliness, and full of negativity so Don Miguel Ruiz with Janet Mills post "The four agreements " , This book was new work times Best seller's. This book changed life of so many people,in this book .

Four Agreements PDF
Four Agreements PDF

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Don Miguel Ruiz with Janet Mills give four instructions we have to follow them and agreement ourselves if we follow those words then our life will become full of positivity and happiness.

Friends today our team here to sharing PDF file  The four agreements . under below shortly we discussed a short summary about The four agreements.that can give you a basic knowledge about this book .

Why we have to read this book ? What can we get from this book?

Below we discussed every questions answer,simle easily and clearly  so hopefully it will help you viewers .

friends Now a days we are using the language did we chose it by own?no it's because of our society  after birth we are seeing this and our parents are teaches us to speak in this language.but not only language society impose more things on us even they try to decided what dream we have to see .we both have our individual dreams but society have also one dream that's called collective dream ,our parents school religious and other external force's defines this collective rules.trough with education what is proper behavior ,to whom we have to trust, what words we have to follow,who is beautiful who is ugly,who is successful and who is failure even they trying to tech us what is wrong what is wright . just imagine how many parents and teachers are giving punishment to children if they didn't follow the collective rules , but others side parents and teachers give love children's when they follow society's collective rules.in this society if you follow the collective rules you will get attention from parents,teacher others children,friends relatives from everyone they give us love and we like to get this love attention.other side afraid of rejection we follow this rules and slowly slowly we locked ourselves in those society's collective rules, and afraid of rejection we never become free from this collective rules.

After this a time come when we blame and judge ourselves when we failed to follow those rules, but but actually we never created this rules for us , sometimes this rules increase our negativity and create pressure to live alone because of this we can't get our true 


Don Miguel Ruiz with Janet Mills books The four agreements teach us how to break away from negativity? 

In this book The four agreements here Don Miguel Ruiz with Janet Mills give us  four technic  and lesion if we follow those words then we can get out from those negativity .under shortly we describe those four technic

1.Be impeccable with your own word: Let's discuss easily,If you always think yourself as a loser always you think you can't do anything you don't have any spiciality you can't do anything then your mind will become more depressed so give yourself positive thinking always think you are special you can do anything you are perfect always appreciate yourself  . words are not only a trough to explain others what you saying it's can change anyone so  always think positive say positive only it's can make your life full of positivity.

2.don't take anything personally: We always take everything so personally  always think personally this is not ok . everyone have there deferent mood in different times have someone is Happy then he will say you good word and if his mood bad then he will say you bad words so it's normal don't take everything so emotionally  because of emotion we take everything so personally so don't think about it, only you have to believe yourself what you are and doesn't matter what others people think about you.

3. Don't make assumptions: Sometimes happen people ignore us so that moment we assume so many things ,we things he have so much attitude, he is bad we judge himself ,and because of this  there become so much misunderstanding  . so we have to throw out this habbit , if something in your mind then don't assumptions ask questions actually what happen, if we ask them  we will see everything is solved there is no misunderstanding ,so Don't make assumptions ask questions.

4. always do your best:  

Remember one thing our best depends on situations so never be sad always enjoy whatever you doing and do your best  . like in morning we are so energetic but evening we are not same so always situations wise give your best, always enjoy your work if you do this then your every work will be perfect you will never feel boring or you don't need to effort.

always  try to forgive people if they didn't wrong with don't do argue with others, make your mind in peace say good things do good things and you will see your life will become full of positivity and happiness.

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Description: Up we shortly discused   about Don Miguel Ruiz with Janet Mills book" The four agreements ", there we seen four agreements for getting out from negativity  if we all  follow those words and tricks it's granted our life will become full of positivity and happiness.

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